[Backer Build 1] Destructible equipment and alternatives

After some games, I have seen a very comic situation: with only 2 soldiers all their weapons where destroyed and I do not have anything to figth the aliens/mutants!!!

I think thi is intentional, but could be quite frustrating if the weapons are so “easy” to destroy, and they cost resources in the strategic layer.

Some suggestions:

  • Even if a weapon is destroyed, it should (or have the chance to) remain in the inventory for a possible fix after battle (or in battle with some skill/tech/class?)
  • A destroyed weapon could be used as melee weapon, by itself or with some upgrade/tech (just to give you the option of finish the mission, or at least to defend youself)

Now a question. When an ally is dead his/her items on the “ground” would be destructible by, for example a rocket/grenade launcher (AoE damage)?