War against other human faction never happens unless human play dumb for it!

It is almost impossible like the game is now an human faction declare war on us… we can steal their aircraft, their research, their resources, kill lots of their people, but like we fight Pandora also, they still love us and is almost impossible to get -75 diplomacy and they start a war on human player.

Devs should turn it in a real possibility.

Turn war against a human faction a real possibility!!! | Voters | Phoenix Point


Actually you have another way triggering war, instantly.

For City Upon a Hill and the Schism, you start the mission, but you evac, you don’t kill the enemies, that has consequences, permanent war.

In theory it is the same with Moonshot, but it is bugged.

Yup, I hear you. Right now we have comedy western: “These bandits…! They have raided saloon again, drink all the whiskey and steal the cattle… Eh, but thank God they keep indians at bay.”


Well etermes, that situation are in endgame as you know better than me… that not affects much in that part of game and it is almost impossible to happen (not kill an enemy and evac!!!).

What would be great was in begging of game, if player abuse of attacking one faction (steal more than 1 aircraft and 2/3 raids of resources/tech for example), they declaring war on him.

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I asked the same in the past but I have the feeling devs don’t want to implement hard consequences, in general diplomacy is disappointing in this game

I agree with you. But i am expecting they implement hard consequences on attacking other factions in the planned patch they announce at Canny. Attacking faction havens should have worse consequences | Voters | Phoenix Point