Raiding factions is too easy and profitable...But also tedious

PP is supposed to be a game about fighting Pandorans, but is it really? I spend most of my time raiding factions, with Pandorans being a rare distraction. At least in early to mid-game when I’m establishing my economy/bases/teams.

I see a Helios - I steal it. Sinking tons of resources and manufacture time into aircraft production is complete non-starter given how easy and consequence-free stealing them is. And I need 2 Helios per 8-man party.
I also do diplomatic sabotage missions as soon as available: +15 rep with issuer, -6 with target is net 9 positive. Why? I’ll reach aligned/allied faster by raiding everyone than a hypothetical player who never attacks factions.
Occasionally raids for resources too, if I have enough rep to burn.

This was all the same on release and I expected it to be rebalanced later… But it wasn’t.


I guess this is to allow a player to come back from huge losses like losing whole squads. Without this is a restart of the whole campaign and by raiding factions you can snap back in most situations. It should be done somewhat differently because it can be indeed super tedious and it leads to balance issue like free planes and free stuff basically indefinitely. Good news, devs are planning to make it harder so don’t expect this state for too long.

On release we got a much harder rep decrease with -15 for faction and -30 for haven. Players complaint that it was too harsh and we got -6/-15.

So …

BTW, I’m with you, it is ridiculous easy to exploit the whole game by farming the factions.

Here is a canny post, there is something planned to change, so let us hope they go into the right direction:

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This is a point where devs never should have listen to crying complaing players…

Farming human civs without consequences is a lame strategy and one of the biggers overpowers in economy of the game.

-15 faction and -30 for haven like it was in the original PP version was an adequate penalty… and it should be impossible to raid more than once an haven for some time (not like it is now that is possible to raid and collect resources multiple time the same haven in a row).

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It should be possible to raid. It’s better to do this in a way where you give a player a choice. Therefore it should have an alternative cost. Like give income from faction per diplo reputation but make diplo gaining harder. You raid you lose long term but gain short term. It’s good as fall back mechanic to recover from loses like squad wipes. But raid shouldn’t be without any alternative costs. Otherwise it’s not a decision to make but rather farming mechanism.

Raiding and kill the defenders is an act of war. It should be possible, but it should have the consequences. Not like it is now that is almost harmless.

And raid ONCE, after it the haven facility who was raided should become inactive for some time, like happens when Pandora attacks an Haven that we successfully defend. Raid the same haven for same resource multiple times in a row was certainly not planned by devs and is a fault in programming of game.

I agree. Raiding should make havens more vulnerable to pandorans. Actions should have consequences. Raiding could lower population, military strength, destroy building and even destroy havens and other tweaks.

But don’t do that in a way where raiding play is impossible. That would reduce play paths. If you want a game where you massively raid, it should be possible. But makes it so it matters to the game, meaning the globe… Like faction allying agaist yourself, nuking your bases, sobataging ambushing your ships where you fly over their havens. Stopping giving you soldiers.

I’m huge believer that this game should have a race to beat pandoran virus between factions and you should compete with them to end goal. Player should have a choice to war with them or cooperate with one or all sides. And factions should have be made more dynamic on the globe depending on your choices. Allow them to build their own teams, their own bases and fight pandorans actively. This could give this game another depth and make factions something other than cannon fodder.


I fully agree with you. Raiding should be an option, but if you raid a faction several times, they should enter in war with you with all the consequences of it. Not like it is now, where you raid massivly and it and they mantain allied with PP.

Please give your oppinion in official feedback tool. Devs don´t answer here and i doubt they read this forum, but in official tool they read and answer for sure: Attacking faction havens should have worse consequences | Voters | Phoenix Point