Want to mark some equipment as obsolete


It would be nice to mark some items and equipment as obsolete on the manufacture screen, making a list shorter and easier to navigate.

RIght-click option “Obsolete,” the equipment does not disappear. It simply gets put on another “obsolete” tab, so it is not in the way of stuff we use later in-game.


Why not scrap it? If you feel you can still use it, it’s not obsolete. If it is, scrap it and enjoy extra resources and free space.

Reread my post, think about it, then respond, please.

I said in manufacture screen. Not scrap screen. M.a.n.u.f.a.c.t.u.r.e.

The point is that when I am looking at manufacturing something I don’t want to have to scroll past 20 weapons I have not or do not want to use EVER again in my games current progression.

Are you for real?


Thanks @outsidethief , you have reminded me why I stopped using gaming forums. Yeah, I did not notice you said manufacture screen. Relax.

Yes, it is never a good thing when people point out that you are unobservant and primarily inflammatory.



He’s talking about manufacturing list.