Equipment mechanics

I’ve just started playing the Beta 4 (I skipped beta 3) but I don’t understand how equipment work. So far I’ve seen that you can ¨clone¨ existing weapons and tools from the personnel management, but there doesn’t seem to be a way (or I cannot find it) to build them from scratch, so if I spent all my medikits, or launcher ammo, and nobody has it equipped, I won’t be able to build them again.
Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way compare items, I need to “memorise” the stats to do soon, there is no an easy way to see if the weapon select should be a better fit.

Right now it’s not possible to manufacture equipment, you have to find it in missions. That will change in final release.

A window where you can directly compare equipment stats is really needed! Something like World of Warcraft, where clicking a piece of armour or weapon in inventory would open a smaller window showing the stats of the currently equiped.

Of course it is possible to compare items… :smiley:
First, you mark the item(left mouse button), then you go with the mouse pointer to the item you want compare. After a second or two, a compare window appears. As ist shown below… :wink:

I hadn’t seen this! Going to try later when arriving home.

If you need a base item to manufacture more from, you either recruit a new soldier who would have that item (Technician > Turret, Heavy > Cannon, etc., and most soldier types have medikits). You can also find items in random crates on Haven Defense maps. These crates are also currently the only way you can obtain Stun Rods.

Did you obtain it? I didn’t saw Stun Rod in BB4. :frowning:

I haven’t personally seen it, but it’s been confirmed that they do exist in BB4, they are just extremely rare.

Maybe we should forge them by smelting in queen’s stomach… You know, i see queen surrounded by fire and in the turn before her death you need to open inventory while standing next to her and pick it up…

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