Video: Can't end my turn Bug 7 and a half hours in

A clip of it in action:
Full-length Bug crops up around 7 hours 34 minutes Ish:

To get out of it if you watch the only thing I could think was to save and reload, it seemed to work but that was really odd. I am not sure what I did that caused it to be unable to end the turn but maybe the Techs or Devs can figure it out with the Video and all.

Its an old bug and it only get worse as the game progresses… hopefully they will have it sorted by release

Yes I did see that it had been reported before, I was hoping that my Video would maybe help them pin it down. If not well at least I tried. :slight_smile:

If you have to open the Console by typing ~ and type in win. It will end the mission but you can still move forward

I suppose he is not searching for a solution how he can go past that bug. He just want to help eliminate it. :slight_smile: