Actions that are limited per turn cannot be used upon reload

Some actions have limits on how many times they can be used per turn (Dash, Scarab’s missiles, etc.) Often when I reload the game mid-combat, those actions become unavailable even though that unit should be able to use it. This happens even if that unit did not use the action prior to reload.


Same bug encountered. Not yet fixed.

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The bug queue apparently is super long and many annoying bugs seem to be at the far end of the line. Sad to say, we have bugs from many updates that are ongoing.

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How come it’s still a thing? The bug is easily reproducible. It was about to ruin a very nice run (I accidently click wrong thing and had to reload), but then another bug kicked in and enemy didn’t do anything in his turn.

Maybe a bug-smashing DLC? :slight_smile:

I agree , why is this bug still here? This should be up there higher in the food chain!

still happening and very annoying.

The bug trail is so long they will never catch the tail, let alone strike the head!

Actually, this bug is much more serious than that and it can be exploited a way that it’s basically a cheating.

  1. Do all your actions in a turn.
  2. Save game.
  3. End turn.
  4. Pandorans do their turn.
  5. Load game.
  6. End turn.
  7. Pandorans do nothing and it is your turn again.