Standby/advance turn bug

I’m having an issue that seems to become more prevalent the longer I play. It doesn’t happen every mission but once I hit around the mid game I end up getting stuck on the last solider that needs to standby to finish the turn. I wont be able to activate the standby nor will any other action end the turn. I have to save and reload in order to continue. I’ve had issues in haven defenses where after this has happened and I tried to reload the save game it would be corrupted, and I’d have to go back to the auto save.

have you reported this with the in-game F12 bug reporter?

Not yet, just found out there was one, so next time it comes up I’ll do so.

Ive had this issue a few times. Use the end turn button at the top of the screen. it will then progress to next turn.

Ah thank you, I never even noticed a end turn button at the top of the screen, guess I’m not too observant. :confused: