Vehicle not proficient - game breaking bug?

Armadillo shows up as “not proficient” and I believe it prevents the game from loading a level. I first noticed it when I couldn’t load a mission (basically an infinite loading screen), and reported a bug with the F12 feature. Later I discovered that the Armadillo, which I had equipped for this mission, was shown as “not profficient” (a yellow warning triangle next to its name). I dropped it off at a base and voila - the mission loaded.
Hovewer, now my base is attacked and as I understand it all my troops will be loaded (including the armadillo which is sitting somewhere at a base)? Because of that (at least I suspect that’s the issue) my base-defending mission won’t load now. Basically it’s a game breaking bug for me. I cannot load this base-defending mission and I cannot skip it, because there’s only a “start mission” button once the notification screen shows up. As it stands now, I can’t progress further into the game. Once again, I’m not 100% sure that the issue is caused by the ‘vehicle not profficient’ warning, but everything points to that. If we at least had an option to destroy a vehicle or somehow remove it from save file (?) maybe it would allow me to continue the game.