Vehicle is stealing XP from soldiers (1.14.3)

I have Azathoth 1.14.3 Steam version of the game. As you can see in screenshot provided, vehicle took a lot of XP points. From 400 total Xp from mission, soldiers got only 266 xp points.

I do not have all DLCs but i found on YT guy whith all DLCs (i thought i was missing something) but no, same thing. In next ss you can see that from 370 xp points soldiers got only 141.

I am replying on my own post cause i cant post more than one picture. -.-
As i understood, from wiki and i watched games from some previous versions it should look like this:

Are those Haven Defence missions? If so it can be that allied soldiers take that XP instead of vehicle.

Nope, nope, in all cases, Havens introduction missions are involved if im not mistaken. But i did pay attention for Haven defence missions and allied soldiers are not stealing XP

I noticed that since the patch, yes vehicles eat up XP in all missions. Not sure it’s intended or not.