Vechicle time progress issue

We can accidently reset time left to finish production of vechicle/aircraft by “accidently” delete one of vechicles from queue. It reset progress to 0.


Isn’t that with all items?

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yea, but on vechicle that most visible. If you lost 15 h on armor you even woudlnt be feel much. But when you lost 6++ days for vechicle, and 10++ days for aircraft… that painfull.

Maybe it is but you regain all resources used for that production. Just don’t click accidentally that big X on right side of the screen. :wink:

Well there can be a question to confirm if you really want to cancel any production that normally last more than 1 day.

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But you know. When you cancel some items actually not under production, and that reset timer of actual on going product… that can piss off :wink: now before me need it change my queue, me must wait for finish example like manticore/thunderbird/tiamat .

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So you want to have an option to pause manufacturing to be able change queue order?

That would be nice feature, don’t you think @UnstableVoltage?



Me just need it fix, so me can change anything in queue list without reseting actual on going project to 0.

Pause on actual production wasnt need it :wink:

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Yeah, I would have expected that production would automatically be paused if you changed the item that you were working on. If you’ve half built a vehicle and then stop to make a rifle, that vehicle is still half built.

You can pause research, so I think it should allow you to pause manufacturing as well. Since it doesn’t seem to I wonder if it’s a bug or if they got the research part in but not the manufacturing for this build.

with research is other bug. Me forgot to report :wink:

When you research project together with ally, after project is done it wasnt autodelete from ongoing project. It stay on research panel with 100% and must be manually deleted.

It’s not like that. I am building a Tiamat, got 2h left, next in queue are two neurazers and a heavy cannon.
I decide that I dont need a second neurazer, and want to go straight to heavy after first neurazer is done. So I am removing neurazer from the list (not touching TIamat), and BAM! Tiamat progress is reset… from 98% to 0%

oh, if it is like that, then this should be fixed. But strangely I think that I have cancelled some production and didn’t have current production reset to 0%. Or I did it just after one production finished. My mistake then. Sorry. :wink:

It’s like @Qman said. If you are making 12h trousers, you just ignore that. But it hits like a train when you realise that you lost your aircraft (and now connect it with saving issue :wink: ).
It’s easy to miss as I guess most of us change the production queue only after an item is done, so there is no progress rest visible.


You reset the production also if a new manufacturing facility goes online;) Its totally F-ed;)

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