Research Now Locked

I completed the allied tech improved Vanu aircraft and research progress froze at 100%. When I x’d the research out, no other q’d research would commence. I cleared and refilled the q’d research and still nothing would commence, so research is effectively locked.

What what I’ve heard, it happens when you complete a tech that the faction is working on themselves

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Is there a trick for resolving it?

after allied research is done, you can delete. Its just not autodelete, only autodelete on ally site and they research queue are updated, not player.

Tech is already on use.

after some points both research and manufacturing just stopped.
I got a result on mutation lvl 3. and I can’t start nor continue old project. I can add it to the list, but time pass and reseach/manufacture clock is not moving at all.

it’s not related with allied faction project. I was able to reproduce it with any project at the particular moment of game