Unfair in Pandoran Nest/Lair

This text describe Blind shot and shot over the wall.

  1. All location of target in Nest or Lair is guessable

  2. Phoenix APC’s Rocket damage is 120*2 but it spread

  3. After shot rocket, APC can block enemy’s attack route through move

  4. Next turn, you can destroy target through shot rocket from APC

↑difficulty : devastation

I suggest two ways.

  1. Make wall that rocket not over the wall
    -> Block shot anything over the wall

  2. Make ceiling
    -> Block shot the rocket over the wall

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I like to use the sniper over the wall, so DON’T block ANYTHING! If you don’t like doing it (shooting over the wall) then don’t do it, simple, why screw it up for others who like it this way just because you don’t? So as I said the simple answers to all this is play it the way YOU like it and leave the others to theirs…:slight_smile: So I vote NO BLOCKING…:slight_smile:


but ceiling will be introduces. It was mentioned by Kevin that they disabled ceiling for test purposes. I hope they still haven’t changed their minds and it will return.

It’s too difficult that shot over the wall. I wish they haven’t block shot over the wall. I don’t care that rocket is blocked.