Rocket suggestion

I think we all agree that rockets are OP, but don’t really want to lose them because they are so AWESOME! :grinning:

I think a way forward might be to make them direct fire weapons. So they do the same level of damage and area affect as they do now, but they have a flat trajectory, so that you can’t lob them across half the map. That would stop us Rocket spamming the most dangerous thing on the map, regardless of where it is.

Grenades and grenade launchers would stay as they are.

Of course, fog of war might have a similar effect, if you don’t know where the Chiron/Siren/Queen actually is. But I can still foresee using a favourite tactic from the XCOM2 Ship Defense mission, where you sneak out a Shinobi-type to locate the target, then hit it with your sniper - or in this case Rocketeer - from a safe distance.

What are your thoughts on this?

It is a good idea. I have to admit, I land and run my snipers out to spot as move one… then I spam the map with rockets to level the playing field as move two… THEN I start moving forwards to fight. Direct fire rockets in the shanty towns would just about remove them from play though.

I am not looking forwards to the fog of war being implemented. Only spotting a queen at close range would be instant mission loss. They are back to being aggressive and charging a 1/4 map through houses to crush you. Spotting one only at 1/4 map would be too late.

Same goes for the Chiron. Not being able to see one of these buggers on the other side of the map would be almost an instant mission loss. If they are in the mission and you don’t know it until their OP missile attack lands on you… you are dead. If you cannot see them or hit them from long range with your own rockets you will get wiped off the map before you even work out where they are.

I guess there is a lot that needs to be balanced out in the game still.

Have you ever played X-COM TFTD? Can you remember Disruptor Pulse Launcher? the
THAT Weapon was OP! Stay in your Triton, open door, shoot a self-guiding (you set the points) rocket that smashes nearly everything in an extremly high aoe.

Maybe they should balance it a bit, yes.

You know X-COM 2 and the micro missles from the mech? Many small aoe rockets with a small amount of damage.
The higher the distance they fly the more random they will hit, this way the accurancy for mounted weapons would make sense, just like projectile weapons.

Phoenix Point could make a version with rockets that could fly above obstacle and as you say a version with rockets flying straight forward.

Btw, we haven’t seen any weapon yet and let’s see what Synodrion and Disciples of Anu have.