Unable to Bash Fireworm on stairs

Hello! This is my first bug report so I apologize if I do not abide by any standards or protocols. From my limited knowledge on this particular game engine and game development in general–I believe this bug to be low-priority, low-cost-to-fix.

As the title suggests, I am unable to Bash a Fireworm on stairs. The aforementioned fireworm is on the decline in relation to my character, it is adjacent (1 tile away) from my character (within Bash-ing range), and my character has at least 1 action point left (Bash costs 1 action point).

I will attach a screenshot for clarity; however, as everyone knows, a lot is happening in this particular screenshot. I tried to minimize the amount of distractions. Hopefully this helped, I love the game!

if possible, the best way to report bugs is via the in game bug reporter, accessed with F12, as that sends the current data states and the contents of the save folder to the QA team to analyze

Thank you! I definitely jumped the gun instead of taking the time to recognize there is a F12 in-game bug reporter. Thanks!

you’re welcome, and to be fair, it isn’t well advertised. I’m trying to spread it around as much as possible for the devs