UI in Personnel screen sloppy

I have 2 soldiers with beards and mustaches-One is named Miriam and the other Adela.While I don’t want to assume anything, it seems like a mistake. RNG for names? At least get gender ones correct unless you are trying to make a point. I get a STRONG feeling it’s not supposed to be that way. I haven’t seen any females with male names, just the other way around.

ALSO-when I am equipping soldiers and mouseover on a gun, or ammo or anything in soldiers inventory I get “LMB=select” and RMB=Quit Game". Quit game? It doesn’t quit game it just backs out to Personnel screen but honestly…

Do the developers play the game at all, or just wait till we mention things?

LOL…one of my Male crew sounded female when moving to a point…“I hope its worth it” Female voice on a male dude…I have stopped asking questions like this…I just drink beer… and f them all m8!