Soldier Roster - Gender


I recently received the email concerning entering my information for the soldier roster edition of the game. I completed the form, but unless I somehow managed to miss it, I didn’t notice place to select a desired gender.

This isn’t the end of the world; if soldier-roster soldiers are just going to be randomly assigned genders, so be it. Just wanted to point it, as I could see it being slightly immersion breaking if there are a bunch of male-identifying soldiers named “Jessica” and female-identifying soldiers named “Derrick” running around.

Looking forward to the game.

the characters are going to be randomly assigned gender. Also choosing soldier gender/body type is one of the customization options

But surely male and females names should be assigned to appropriate gender?

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Welcome to modern world. :wink:


You can change the body type after the character is recruited.

Neat; I didn’t realize you could switch gender after you recruit. That answers my question; thanks!