Names and genders don't match

I’ve noticed that, while both names and cosmetics are randomized, there are more often than not females with male names and males with female names. Every other X-COM style game in existence can get this right, who dropped the ball in PP?

I’m not talking about names that can go either way, I’m talking about things like John on females and Jane on males type of situations.

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this is intended. Any character can be changed from male body type to female in the customization options. Given that, it makes no sense to limit male names to male body types and vise versa when you can change the soldier to be whichever body type you choose

But then you need to change them instead of having them properly assigned. This is kind of frustrating when you see some John Smith, you give order and you hear female voice… :crazy_face: there is immediate WTF reaction and immersion break.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. The new XCOM games, notably XCOM 2, has the same cosmetic choices as PP. Genders can be swapped after hiring, but they are STILL assigned names based on their original gender. There is absolutely zero reason PP should not do the same.

When I hire a soldier named Amanda, I expect to hear a female voice when I issue orders. Not some Jamaican dude. This should be a very simple fix, and should not even need to BE a fix, it should’ve been like that from the beginning. I never complained about it in the Beta because we couldn’t customize our characters then (to my knowledge) and knew basically everything was a placeholder.