Crash during second tutorial mission

Following the tutorial instructions exactly, everything works until you jump the soldier. Upon clicking the jump button, the application crashes hard.

I see that you reported the same issue on Canny. Did you also report it via in-game reporting tool? You can access this tool by pressing F12 in the game. This way we will be able to see your hardware configuration, operating system, settings, etc.

BTW You can choose to skip the tutorial when starting a new game by unchecking tutorial.

Thank you so much! I knew I reported it somewhere before I created this thread, but I couldn’t find an email confirmation and I was unable to figure out where I first reported it. That’s why I created this thread.

I did not know about the in-game tool, but I will use it today. I know that I can skip the tutorial but I figure a lot of new players probably won’t be skipping it, so I reported it to get the issue recorded.

I boot the game up today and the second tutorial mission runs flawlessly…

I think there was a game update recently, and that is the likely fix. I don’t know how to access Canny, but I think the issue can be closed.

Glad to hear that. Here is link to Canny: It is the best tool for giving feedback about the game or reporting bugs.

Thanks Valygar!

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