Glitch: Unable to learn skills

I just completed the first legacy of the ancients mission and now my soldiers are unable to learn new skills. When clicking on a skill with well over both enough soldier and SP and enough Phoenix SP to learn a new skill that has been unlocked for every skill and every soldier the skill becomes highlighted turning the background of the skill yellow - the entire square, not with the usual black border of a learned skill. Doing this does not cause the skill to become learned. No SP are deducted and leaving the soldier and coming back shows it is no longer highlighted. Stat boosts seem to be working completely normally. How can I fix this glitch so I can resume gaining new skills for my soldiers?
Edit: Closing the game and relaunching seems to have fixed the issue.

You should hit F10 in-game and send a bug report. You can also post a bug report here:

I will do that, thanks.