Missions and enemies

Quick bit here. So I’ve noticed that on some missions there seems to be an endless supply of enemy forces. Such as in lairs and ambushes. Enemies just seem to keep coming no matter how many are killed. I was doing a lair assault, killed two sirens several tritons and got pinned down by a good Chiron for about seven turns straight. I was trying to find the hatchery and enemies just kept coming. Two new sirens showed up, several new tritons and the crab men. This is an issue that makes lair assaults extremely difficult. I recommend putting the enemy reinforcements on a timer. Once the total number of enemies drops below a certain number. Warn the player that reinforcements are coming in X amount of turns. The enemy forces should never exceed the max number of enemies allowed on the map. The reinforcement process can then be looped when the enemy count drops again. However this time it takes one less turn, then it happens all over again. Giving the player more time to carry out their objective before ultimately getting overwhelmed. The same Idea can be applied to ambush missions as well, however those aren’t as difficult from what I’ve seen so far.