Triton language

What do people think that Tritons say? Especially before they fire at one of your soldiers? I ask this question because it sounds like they’re say F*** you. Any thoughts? In xcom 2 there were lots of strange things being said.


I’m hearing the same. But I’m sure it’s just alien language that just totally accidentally sounds similar to “f*uck you” :wink:


I’m pretty sure they are saying “fuck you”. They’re part human, don’t forget. I think there’s also something along the lines of “oppose us and die”. Haven’t made out the rest yet.

Pandorans would make baller death metal vocalists.


They are saying “Frah kio”.

Frah = human
kio = kill

Translation = “Kill Human”


How close am I with “oppose us and die”?

Teach me Pandoran UV :relaxed:


I agree. I want to know what the Pandorans are trying to tell me.

The Anthrons say Frah Kio.
The Tritons say what we all hear.
They also say very clearly “you’re so fragile”.

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So, when I`m saying: Fuc kyou, it’s completely harmless :slight_smile:

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It sounded to me like f"*k you which I thought was unnecessarily vulgar but then the game crashed and I shouted F**KS SAKE so I guess it’s all fair


I hear them saying “na sowas” as well… (which is german). Funny game… ^^

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I’m hearing the same thing. Makes me cringe when the grandson is near, and it happens. :eyes:

It’s harmless in as much as We don’t hear you saying it. :bowing_man:

In the retcon raider’s youtube videos, he has a bunch of creative triton translations :grin:

It would be very nice to find a random event that gave you triton language translation, or even a research. Nice encyclopedia material :slight_smile:

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