Pandoran cursing

I went back to the game after a few months layoff. I stopped playing after fifteen minutes because the Tritons saying “fuck you” before every shot became annoying very quickly

It’s coarse and unnecessary. Given each AI turn was taking up over a minute, it felt like insult on injury. I really felt like the game was f*"king me over.

Please lose the vulgar language.



Hear what you want to hear.
Among all the jokes, stupid most of the time and that’s okay. :partying_face:

But I agree that the “dictionary” should be expanded so that repetitions are less common.


Yeap, pretty much. Outrage culture at its best. You know you don’t have to be offended if you don’t want to. It’s your choice.

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Just laugh in the face of the mutant on screen. LOL :unicorn:


Used to be a decent community on here, now.its just trolls who can’t take fair impartial criticism.

Or in short

Frah kio to you too :smile:


Well, I suppose it sounds a bit off. I think people are just getting sick of constantly hearing about someone being deeply offended by something silly or trivial. To the point it influences artistic freedom and expression. A whole society starts walking on eggshells and it doesn’t feel good at all.

In this case the OP goes so far as simply assuming the worst, even though the game quite obviously does not fit that narrative of using cheap profanity at all if you just look at it.

For me at least, those threads are hitting a nerve and the best thing I could do is just not respond to them. I apologize.


Subtitles for Pandorans! :slight_smile:

I mean, do they say “Vog dai”, “Bog dai” “Long live Thai”? :slight_smile:

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:laughing: This particlular complaint popped up enough times to be somewhat irritating. No fault on OP part though, as I still find it difficult to unhear f-you. Also one of Arthron’s lines sound very polish, though I can’t remember on top of my head what it was (nothing offensive).

Some similarities are unavoidable, but I find it strange that “Frah kio” went through recording phase, without someone thinking twice about it.

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Maybe it did. I like that phrase. I don’t like Tritons.

Try some map with plenty of them. To untrained ear, it does sound a bit like that. More then “frah kio”. Since they do speak alien language, our brain tries to translate to something familiar. Influence of US movies :slight_smile:

It’s not the untrained ear.
Anthrons mostly say Frah Kio and it’s very clear.
Tritons mostly say the other thing.

Along with “you’re so fragil”
Which also sounds like cajil

Well, my 14 year old thought both Tritons and Anthrons were saying f-you and I agree. I don’t mind hugely but it’s a bit boring to keep hearing it.


“You see what you wanna see, and you hear what you wanna hear”

                                    Harry Nilsson - The Point

I love that album…! Great story
Favorite song - Me and My Arrow