Triton can shoot 2 handed weapons with one arm!

I disabled an iconoclast-wielding triton’s arm, thinking I would be safe from its gun when I end my turn. The gun says it requires 2 hands, and the enemy’s arm is disabled. Yet, it walked up to my guy and blasted his face off.

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Never happened to me, but tritons usually have 3-4 arms. I don’t mean to be mean, but are you sure you destroyed the right one?

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A Triton has 2 arms for the weapon and 2 other arms with an ability (paralysis, mist generation, …).
You may have shot the wrong arm.

When you look at the Triton’s diagram that shows each part’s health you have to make sure that the lower arms are red, not the upper ones.

I honestly checked the info and in one of the cases he had only 3 arms :smiley: But yeah, you are right.

Didn’t pay enough attention, maybe they sometimes have only 3.

Model always has 4 arms, but unit summary sometimes shows 3 and 4th as disabled. And yeah first post is probably about shooting wrong arm.

I have got the same problem. When I look at the detail, he got 2 remaining arms on three. That was a big surprise. It is always good to see the result of the shot. But becasue they become invisible, that is not simple to take into account what they can do next turn.You can target an arm and fire on another. Hard to take into account if you have disable the good arm.

Don’t some of them also have the regenerative ability that can actually restore limbs as well?

I wasn’t entirely sure if the ability had the capability to restore limbs until I unlocked it as a ability for some equipment following the Anu research path myself but according to the ability description on those equipment for the regenerative ability it can restore broken limbs back into operation.

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Happened to me also.

Good point. It could have been that. It’s also possible that I disabled a tentacle thing but I am not sure, tried to upload a bug report in game several times, which would have had that info, but it kept failing to upload.

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