Trading, Zooming... tapping?! SERIOUSLY?!

This game requires you to click FOR EVERY SINGLE STEP!

Wanna trade for 400 Material?
Well, you need to click that damn button 100 times.


This should have a trade window available where you can pull a Slider Between Min -> Max amount of tradeable material, even type the amount for precision trading!of materials you want to trade, and then show you the total price for said resources.

Because, just taking from one of my favorite game “Heroes of Might and Magic 3”.
You know… just a 20 year old game that had a better trade interface than this game… -.-

Zoomnig aswell, should be like “Free Camera”, hold to zoom.


Until now i didnt use the trade feature. And hearing that i am being happy about that decision. Unfortunatly this seems like another bad design choice. Trade sliders have been a thing for an innumerable amount of games how could anyone think that clicking hundrets of times would be the better option???