Face it - Trade is lame

Hate to break it to you - but trading with Havens is simply put - boring make-work. There is nothing about trading that is fun. Nothing. at. all. It is tedious. At best.

I propose completely dismantling the trade system. Instead of trading one at a time with each and every haven under the goddam sun, lets establish trade agreements with each faction. It could work simply and be fun.

  1. Establishing a trade agreement requires a faction to have positive relations. At first - a ‘general’ trade agreement can be brokered. It generates nothing.

  2. Each time you visit a haven for the first time after brokering this agreement a trade route is established and an icon appears at the haven. Each route adds to a stream of resource income each day.

  3. As relations improve and the trade agreement matures the income stream increases. If relations slip then the income also declines. If a haven is destroyed… well - bye bye trade route.

  4. Players can exchange resources with each faction. The available resources will vary - and the exchange rate is contingent on both relations - and the factions need for that resource.

  5. Factions who are starving for a particular resource might demand a tribute - especially if relations are weak.

This would address a few things - first of all trade would be vastly simplified. Second it would add an element to diplomacy, and third it would address the problem of resources still being far too scarce in game.

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I remember reading there is diplomacy overhaul to come. I am waiting for it.

I actually like having a “trade ship” - for well, trading, and buying recruits, and making recruits. Reminds me of HoM&M and that is always a good thing.

My only complain is that thematically PP is all over the place. It always has been, but now more then ever. What needs to be done “in person” and what can teleport all over the world is not consistent thematically.