Tournament Hall of Fame

Spite Night - Obsilium beat Toutai
Spite Night 2 - Incarnadine beat Govinda
Spite Night 3 - Trigz beat Gary
Spite Night 4 - Gary beat Wolfshoes
Spite Night 5 - Trigz beat Gary
Spite Night 6 - Worto03 beat Mazy
Spite Night 7 - Baron_Nukem beat Tiger
Spite Night 8 - Incarnadine beat Kalgoth
Spite Night 9 - Trigz beat Mazy
Spite Night 10 - Auzarius beat Gary
Spite Night 11 - SpiteAndMalice beat Toutai
Spite Night 12 - Kalgoth beat SpiteAndMalice
Spite Night 13 - MrTwister beat Gary
Spite Night 14 - Viking beat Wladelw
Spite Night 15 - Suprass81 beat Gary
Spite Night 16 - Viking beat SpiteAndMalice
Spite Night 17 - Mazy beat ahMostyn
Spite Night 18 - Mazy beat Malgardian
Spite Night 19 - Mazy beat Worto03
Spite Night 20 - Worto03 beat Yogicfire
Spite Night 21 - MattyRasker beat Mazy
Spite Night 22 - SpiteAndMalice beat NeverZero

Golden Dragon Division
Season 2 - Suprass81 SpiteAndMalice ahMostyn
Season 3 - SpiteAndMalice Mazy Gary
Season 4 - Suprass81 SpiteAndMalice Obsilium
Season 5 - Obsilum Mazy Gary
Season 6 - Varanas Trigz Mazy
Season 7 - Mazy Hudd MattyRasker
Season 8 - SpiteAndMalice MrTwister Trigz
*Season 9 - Mazy (via a playoff after the top two positions were tied) DisgruntledElf Stubar

Red Dragon Division
Season 2 - Trigz Incarnadine VooDooFrog (via Playoff)
Season 3 - Obsilium Varanas Interpunct (via Playoff)
Season 4 - Michigogo MattyRasker
Season 5 - SlipperyJim Stubar Midas (via Playoff) Jay (via Playoff)
Season 6 - Hudd Baron_Nukem Incarnadine (via Playoff)
Season 7 - MrTwister DisgruntledElf
Season 8 - SlipperyJim Vutan Granthor (via Playoff)
Season 9 - Obsilium Worto03 Varanas (via Playoff)

Season 1
Law Division - Suprass81 Varanas RafiRomero
Chaos Division - Macute Viking34 Gary

The Malice Chalice - Gary beat Trismegistus and Mazy viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2037
The Revenge of The Malice Chalice - Incarnadine beat Viking34, ahMostyn and Grythandril viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4811

4 Most Masters Summer Edition - Doofus beat SpiteAndMalice, Varanas and Obsilium viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4357
4 Most Masters Second Edition - Trigz beat Varanas, SpiteAndMalice and Elfreet viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3579
4 Most Masters - Obsilium beat Incarnadine, Kahangriel and RafiRomero viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3132

Quantum Chaos Cup I - D00m beat Ariianrhod

Tournament of The Gods - Winning Team: Anti Diestic Anarchs Order of Baldrlux - Winning Player: Efreet Stubar

Limbo Premier League - Mazy beat Varanas viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4995

The Wizard of Many Colours - Spite Varanas viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4104&p=44309

BYOK - RafiRomero beat Mazy, MrTwister and Contraminus (Order?) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3945

STS Singles Worlds Cup 2017 - Mazy (The Dark Side - Free Agent) Egeon (Venice of the North - Order of Baldrlux) and then
STS Doubles Worlds Cup 2015 - Auzarius and Interpunct (NW USA) SpiteAndMalice and Kahangriel aka Odin and Thor (Asgard) and then

The Prudent Viper Open - Dr D Wayne Love beat Obsilium, Cheezopath, and Starker

Rainbow Connection - Winners - The Yellow Team (Aka and Clef), Runners up - The Orange Team (Blobka and Bejebus)

CGR - Winners Eidolon & Aka, runners up Viking34 & Tiger

Triangles - Winner - Aka, Runners Up - Bejebus and Blobka

*NOTE - I originally had Goo-Power Season 9 Golden Division as a win for Disgruntled Elf, this is what the Challonge table shows, I think this is because after all factors were level between both players I think it then went to alphabetical sorting. At the time we actually resolved the league via a playoff match between both player. Mazy won this match, hence why he shows as the winner for the season in our hall of fame, whilst Elf tops the table (alphabetically) on Challonge. - Luckily I had some of this stuff handy … n-a-trophy

This is a WIP so bear with me folks, it’ll look a lot more jazzy once I’m done - If you’ve made any tournaments at any point that aren’t listed here, it’d be very much appreciated if you could give me a nudge and I’ll add/link to them.