Too many opponents

too many opponents

I’m currently trying to save a faction base.
1 Scylla
4 sirens
4 Triton
4 Arthron

13 enemies for my squad

3 storm drops
2 snipers
1 grenade launcher

Considering that, the enemy hp (Scylla) and the capabilities (sirens) of the enemy, not just too many on the small map. To protect 3 facilities at the same time?
In addition, Scylla Mindfragger emits when she dies.


almost same here, except less Sirens and more “grunts”.

However they have 300-350 health and armor, each, how is this supposed to be balanced.

How a haven mission goes: Fully leveled Heavy Rage bursts into the Scylla if it’s close, one or 2 snipers finish it off

The rest of the team maybe finds a lone grunt or two and maybe finish them of.

10 enemies kill most civvies, say 5-6.
My heavy panics, none of my other guys can use their abilities due to lack of will points. they try to kill another 2-3 enemies.

Enemy turn, Hello Sirens! half my guys are now mindcontrolled. the rest are being swarmed. I ragequit. start it up the next day… same story.

Armor, either less or better armorpiercing weapons, NJ weapons don’t work
Health… Less of it, especially combined with armor. I have 3 NJ-equipped soldiers firing into a Triton, 1 at pointblank range… this is ridiculous.
Sirens: unless I want my guys to be immobile I need to put some in movement and strenght, that means every time a Sitren comes by It’s traitorville. while my own priestclass is lucky they can maybe terrify a heavily wounded, unarmed Arthron. Why even have a psionic class if they suck that much?



2 Snipers can shot out the head of the sirene make it nearly completly harmless (no frenzie, no mind control, no fear scream and if you got the gear and talent one sniper can take down 2 sirene heads (3x with 2 rally guys)

You can run up and nuke the head and run away too.

Or just let it MC you and take out afterwards. With head tactic or otherwise. Best to send in the heavy as it is the easiest to avoid being hit by due to its high attack cost. most of the time they heal the sirene anyways buying you a solid turn extra.
Also they lose all theire willpower after a headshot so if you kill just 1 unit afterwards they autopanic making them harmless for one turn, then if you kill one more next turn they panic again, so easy to chain panic them.

Triton is hard. probably the hardest, but very vurnable to aoe do to its many body parts, if you struggle too much just destroy its weapon his tentacle attack is very managable.

Arthon, just shot down its arms. Usually I clear them first as all theire weapons are lethal, but easy to dismantle them. Shoting out legs too is a good tactic and just let them toddle around.

Scylla is 2 major tactic. You either blow all on it completly disarming it. Or blow all legs out, or try to just run away and clear the rest while it does its thing and leave it for last.

You can get some serious op builds in this game, but i wont spoil anything more. good luck, build lots of training facilities and try to get lvl 7 dudes before the first missions like this.

Forgive me, but it seems to me like you are assuming that you have to be able to win every mission with the squad you are currently fielding. In some missions you have to bugger out. This is the case with all tactical turn based games that have a strategic overlay.

Also, if you are having trouble facing what the game throws at you, this:

All classes in PP are OP once properly dual classed and combined with each other, and a squad like that can take on anything.

And maybe you’ll face more.

WHAAT? 13 is too many?? Wait till u face 6vs20 and 8vs25, lol

Not only does it get to be a tedious slog to face so many enemies, their turns also take so long that I Alt-tab out of the game to do something else (make a sandwich, refill soda, rebuild a transmission, learn Latin, etc).

Patientes estote fortuna iuvat

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That’s feels like a lot of Sirens for a haven defense but the rest doesn’t seem too bad. The Scylla isn’t a real threat in that situation and Tritons are useless if you take out an arm. Only the Arthrons pose a real problem because they tend to have three modes of attack.

Regardless of weather or not that specific combination can be beaten, I think the idea is that not all the battles are winnable. You are supposed to take losses, including retreats.

Maybe, but too many of the battles are too tough late on.

The tritons and arthrons power up far, far too much and probably too quickly as well. Your operatives may get all sorts of funky abilities, but they actually become (relative to the opposition) weaker throughout the course of the game.

Mild spoiler.

There was a mission involving getting a base back from raiders. I rounded a corner to find it filled with enemies. It must have been 9 or so just stood together!

That was just one spawn point.

The numbers can seem to get ridiculous.

They power up because the game thinks you need a bigger challenge since you don’t take losses. I’m not a fan of this “dynamic” difficulty, but it is what it is.

I mean, yes. The dynamic difficulty responds to you not losing battles, or taking losses in the battles you do win. And sure, having battles you lose is supposed to be part of the core gameplay.
The problem is, when recruiting six new soldiers to replace the team that just wiped costs me 3-4000 resources and a massive amount of food, it just isn’t practical to accept that sometimes I’m going to take heavy losses. It takes literally months of in-game time to get enough replacements for six lost soldiers.
Basically, if I’m expected to take losses over the course of the game, it’s got to be practical to actually replace them. Right now it really isn’t.

especially the loading bug is now available.

I do not see an issue with it as it causes the player to utilize a more tactical approach and specific targeting of enemies. HOWEVER, I think the panic mechanic should not come into play (will reduction) with civilians being killed off. That mechanic is completely unrealistic. I can say that with boots on the ground authority…lol

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Enemies are not too many. They adequate. The problem is map size in some cases.
Maps with buildings are perfect as the verticality gives you the leg room you need to fight off hordes and set up kill zones.

However flat maps or practicly no verticality causes you to either kill everything on turn one to at least hope to survive to the next turn unscaved or be swarmed on your spawn point on the next turn and get what you couldnt do to them.

In recent patches a new mechanic appeared specifically on aincient maps where enemies only spawn in when you trigger an event. I found that a really good idea to set the pace of a tactical battle map, however the spawn in can be aqward sometimes as the game tries to find spots where you are not and spawn it there for be less annoying but in some cases it becomes annoyance itself as it completly destroyes your previrous tactics and everything turns to chaos as you try to scramble around again.

Still giving us a clear spawn place is also have its downsides, for example base protection. Where it is thematic, but really makes it a superkill zone with no challange.

I think what this game really needs is a siege breaker unit. For xenonauts for example it was the one hit youre one of us unit. The idea was that the unit AI was always tried to move in fog of war, however in this game there is only sneaking which is really unreliable for both sides, and being in range is not what a siege breaker does. It has to be melee.

The latest patch give us the spawn from the dead thing. NOW THAT is a siege breaker. If you kill it, on enemy turn it is a garantied to survive unless heavy overwatch is given to it, and even 2 of them can have enough movements to seriously damage one of youre dudes or kill it if its low level. That is a really good step in the right direction and im having fun having to deal with them. Like specifically leave the unit mind controled or bleed out to have enough time to setup to counter it.

The worm spawner is a good siege breaker but its more like a delaying factor until other units gets in. however it is rarelly paired properly and it running out of ammunition only makes you want to just hang in there instead of deal with it.

We really need a unit that can leap in and survive a minimum of 2 turns even against full focus fire. And not just force 2 snipers of theire full turn then just move on whlie recivieng 2 extra action points after each.

It needs 1 action point hits that can atleast disable one body part garantied or half youre hp. It needs a form of damage immunity to avoid high cost high dmg nukes and rapid trickle damage like sentry spam.
For example in Age of wonders planetfall there is a jumpy unit that when jumps in and go to deffense mode it recives like 75% avoidance and it is extraemly hard to kill even with aoe attacks. You need spells to stun it so it loses the dodge on his next turn and THEN you have some better odds to shot it, or you have to use melee.

Being tanky and nut just go glasscannon with everyone would be better if we would have same unit at least 1-2 turn survivability against ANYTHING with high range retalitate would be awesome too and would make sense for more healing stuff to use that i usually sell in mass as i never use it.

Also im failry certain that in age of wonders if you load a game the AI will remember the resoults of the battle and act accordingly on the next encounter changing tactics dramatically.

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