Too Hoots About Steam

Oh grow up and do something worthwhile. Everybody has now complained and nothing is going to change. All the hyberbole is just hot air now. If you have family spend some quality time with them and enjoy the life you’ve got. This is a storm in a teacup.

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That’s a delicate stance to take when you’re arguing about the same issue, but from what you perceive to be the other side of the fence, and is just as empty an “argument” as your appeal to worse things to worry about.

Dubious argumentative techniques are more annoying to me than the issue at hand (which is, as far as I’m concerned, so last week).

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What you decribe as dubious arguement techniques is perhaps how other people actually live their lives. In our household we do what we can for others even in extremely small ways such as donating to charity, signing petitions and supporting our family members in equality terms. I’m old, crotchety (bloody pain meds!:wink:), luckily a grandfather and married to a wonderful woman who teaches in a class that had 50% special needs pupils in it, things like these are important NOT a game (Sorry Snapshot​:wink:). We are all so lucky to able to be entertained by games such as these, and in the end, if it wasn’t a Chinese backed company, it would be an American, European any other country backing it. Nobody forced any one to back this, when circumstances changed everybody was given the option for a refund so in the end in was our choice what we did. I hope you have a good day and can put a smile on some ones face, for that’s what matters in the end​:wink::+1:

At least if your dog died it’d be something worth getting upset over.

You say that this is a poor argumentative technique, but actually, this is the reason why I’m not upset over a game, it’s very small stuff, and just not worth sweating over.

Whilst many things are worth complaining about, not everything is - Toddlers complain when they don’t get sweets, but whilst they’re throwing a tantrum about it, most other people are looking on and thinking ‘awww bless their little cotton socks’ because we know all too well that it’s a) not the case that you’ll always get what you want in life, and b) life throws far worse at you than a denied packet of Percy Pigs. Once you learn this, you find the way to cope when not everything goes your way.

There’s complaining which any disgruntled customer is entitled to do, and in many cases that’s what has happened, fair play to people. But there’s complaining for weeks upon end and in dozens of posts, and across multiple mediums where pretty much the same thing is said each time and your comments are only being read by other customers, not the party that your complaints are aimed at that’s more akin to purgatory, and some people are stuck here (or on reddit) still doing that.

If you’ve got your money back and you’ve made your complaint, then what do you still need to do? Move on, do something positive that you actually want to do and will get some enjoyment out of - you’ll be far happier for that than rehashing the same argument again and again.

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While it’s a natural life principle, the flaw in the argument is that it can be used in 99% of the topics present on this forum. We are discussing a video game, which are by definition not essential to life.

Picture this :

  • There is a recurring bug with technician turret targeting allies.
    => “Things to worry about…people starving around the world, gun massacres in places of worship, people not being able to afford healthcare, unequality, not what pixels do on a screen ffs”

  • Phoenix Point will be delayed another 6 months.
    => “Things to worry about…people starving around the world, gun massacres in places of worship, people not being able to afford healthcare, unequality, not when a game ships ffs”

  • Phoenix point is cancelled for lack of funds.
    => “Things to worry about…people starving around the world, gun massacres in places of worship, people not being able to afford healthcare, unequality, not when a game launches ffs”

Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but the underlying principle is there. It would be somewhat ok if it was used to silence a party that keeps arguing without getting a response, but …

I would be with you 100% … if the thread hadn’t been revived by two posters from the “don’t care if it’s epic or not” crowd.

This specific thread had been dead for 10 days and look what brought it back to life. If a “side” reignites an argument and gets a response, it can’t really tell the other party to “shut up because there are more important things to worry about” on their next reply (not to mention devolving into patronizing mode by telling others to “spend time with their family” or giving life lessons that are 100% off topic).

As said above, the epic migration is old news as far as I’m concerned. Refund posts will die in due time, but reopening these posts and being condescending when refunders actually reply isn’t doing anything good.

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I’m not sure that bugs are really the right comparison, bugs are generally feedback which is delivered from a largely positive perspective where the intent it to help a developer improve their game - certainly during EA that’s the case.

Either way though, it reinforces the point of triviality. Yes this is a game forum, it here for the discussion of games, but in the grand scheme of things, whether it’s a bug, a game feature that people disagree upon, or the launcher that that game can be run from, it’s all small stuff. It’s not 99% of topic, it’s all of them, it’s a video game, it’s not important, certainly not worth getting upset over to the extent that some people are doing.

Picture this in return:

  • You go to a restaurant and they only have sword fish on the menu when you desperately wanted Salmon - Do you make a torrent of abusive Reddit messages and encourage shared outrage in other resturant goers so that you can feel validated in your own fishsy distaste?

  • You’ve order The Guardian newspaper from my local newsagents and he’s posted it through next door’s letter box by mistake - Do you call the paperboy a betrayer of words, find a link YouTube videos from Peregrine Aldeburgh who has nearly 15,000 equally outraged followers to tarnish his reputation for ever more.

  • There’s a shortage of asparagus in your local supermarket and you’ll need to walk a further 300 yards to a Tesco store instead. Do you issue death threats to all the staff that work there and pledge to never rest until their blight is wiped from the face of the Earth, call anybody who defends them a shelf-stacker who must clearly be on the take, and then once the supermarket owner makes attempt to apologise, over a refund and/or assorted freebies, do you then make racist comments about the untrustworthyness of the supermarket owner’s nationality because your original argument now lost all its weight?

So basically… ‘but, he started it’

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Before this descends into anything uncivilised, I’m going to lock the thread. There’s nothing new here and nothing to be gained by repeating the arguments on either side. The outraged will continue to be outraged. We’ve made what offers and amends that we can, but the deal is set and nothing is going to change beyond this point.