Toggling re-showing damage & healing indicators

Provide a toggle button or similar function that re-displays damage textboxes that showed with the last action taken. In other words, if you want to remember just how much damage a certain shot dealt at a glance, and then any damage to your guys from the aliens’ Return Fire shots that might have hit offscreen, toggle this to show the damage textboxes over units’ heads again.

This would also be handy for if you fired a grenade or missile, hit too many enemies, and found it hard to remember at a glance just what parts were destroyed.

But it would be most helpful for if you were just coming back to a tactical battle after a break, or when loading a saved game. Because when you toggle the re-display textboxes function, it will show you exactly what happened in the last action, to give you a better idea of what to do next.

Maybe this could be made to show damage messages from further back, too, or even those from enemy turns. You could have a little bit of a ‘log’ that way, showing turn-by-turn what actions were taken, on what turn, and what they did, if anything.

But mostly, I’d just like the option to re-display damage for a given action taken in combat. If this isn’t done in the full game, that’s fine, because I think it’d still make a good enough mod for people to do in the final game.


I’m in for the log option. :wink: With hidden info if something wasn’t researched. So “PP Turn 3… Alien crabman(link centering view at that specific crabman) was hit lightly in torso and head, broken head, bleed” - if you don’t have research about that crabman mutation and “PP Turn 3… Alien crabman was hit for 2 damage in torso, 3 in head, broken head, 1 bleed” - if you have that research. That log could be used for statistics after battle and cleaned then.