Please add a persistent text combat log the menu into the Pandoran/enemy turns

I’m so sick of watching something ridiculous start happening on a turn and then having to wait a solid five minutes to reload because I did something dumb. Please, for the love of the game, put the damn menu controls in during the opponent turn.

And while I’m here, it’s getting endlessly frustrating not to have a text based combat log. You have text flying all over the place, which isn’t always a problem, but when your stupid giant artillery bug shells my soldiers from across the map, I can’t see what it’s done or who it’s hit without going to the individual soldiers.

These two things are super basic quality of life functions, they should have been in since day one.


Need to also fix the bug that zooms the game out permanently when you’re holding the zoom-out key during these animations as well. I’m usually zooming out so I miss as little as possible, then the turn ends or something and I stay permanently zoomed out by accident. :frowning:

admittedly I did this on purpose for effect