Those new Anu settings

I think it’s fair to assume many backers were feeling quite some Starcraft inspiration regarding the Phoenix Point settings, with New Jericho taking the Terrans role, Anu as the Zerg and Synedrion for the Protoss.

And if it was truly the case, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Starcraft still has one of the best settings in any game, and taking inspiration from the best is only fitting.

That said, the new Anu settings were quite a delight for me. Not a bit Zerg-y, but from all things, I got quite an Indiana Jones feeling. The huge temples, the decayed slums surrounded by nature, the tight and claustrofobic rooms, it all screams adventure and many ancient secrets being uncovered, while others remain sealed for many more millenia.

Love it, of course. Waiting to see it translated to the 3D Engine.

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They are good. I like diversity.

Hope there will be some diversity in neutral havens though.

They are good, and I wasn’t expecting such a setting. Curious to see how they will go with independents as well.