Specific mutations that we'd like to see

I figured that this would be a fun and potentially useful topic, for suggestions, and for a more general discussion of how we’d like to see mutations and mutated enemies in the game. How we’d like to see them showing up, how we’d like them to act, and how we’d like their abilities to work, and perhaps, to evolve over time.

What are some of the mutation-abilities that we would like to see, available to the enemies in the game? Also, what mutated animals would we like to see, showing up (and in which biomes?), and how would we like those mutations to look, and what abilities would we like them to possess?

As an example: I would really like to see penguins, in the game–Scary ones!

I envision them being quite large, perhaps two meters tall, or a little more, with undersized heads that have become emaciated and skull-like, with tiny, hateful pink eyes, smouldering deep. Their beaks would be extended into boney meat-hooks, and their chests would be bloated and swollen, covered with snow-white feathers that have transformed into razor-sharp arrowheads, making them completely albino in appearance.

Still flightless, their wings will have transformed as well, into huge, rubbery, flapping structures resembling the wings of bats, but much heavier-muscled, and more dextrous, covered with the stark white feather-barbs, and taloned with slashing claws that they’re able to twist and turn 270 degrees in any direction, allowing them to stab at even those behind them. These wings would allow them to not only eviscerate their human prey, but to envelope and smother them as well, crushing soldier and civilian alike against their armoured and cruelly-barbed chests.

Mutations would only enhance their nastiness: Their beaks could first become venomous, and then their whole heads would transform into debilitating sonic weapons, or sprayers of acid–or their necks could grotesquely extend, turning their poison-beaked heads into hideous scorpion-tail mockeries, while their wings further evolved, their talons becoming several grasping tentacles, covered in ripping, fish-hook thorns that they would be able to capture and drag people with.

Finally, their feather-barbs would become toxic hosts of the Pandovirus, and these devil-penguins would be able to tear off huge hand-fulls of these, from their own bodies, and fling them high into the air, where they would slowly drift down like deadly little snowflakes, falling on and injuring and infecting anyone in the area, while producing a small new pocket of the Mist.


As an example: I would really like to see penguins, in the game–Scary ones!

Mah, there goes my childhood, especially with later imagined penguin mutations. Bugs bunnys best polar friend has turned to a monster. Just like Marshmallow man gone evil in first Ghostbusters >:slight_smile:

It seems most of creatures have already been planned, and some ways of mutations are already defined.

What is likely to be, seems to be summarized here List of aliens that we know might be in the final game but currently seems more to be fan made based on avail info, then something definite.

Mutations currently seem to be limited to variations within specie in terms of look and wepons, but not that grandiouse as “Resident evil virus turning it to something else” e.g. crab man

mutations that we know so far and have been hinted at:( pincer(melee attack) ,grenade launcher(ranged attack), gun(attack), shield(self caring cover), acid spitter head(attack), harden carapace(armor), spike legges(I think it affects their mobility).


Chryssalids. I want Chryssalids in the game, or something like them. How can it be an XCOM-analogue without them?


Chryssalids. I want Chryssalids in the game,

Please, make em similar creatures and feats to old ones. Didnt like how Faxis "mutated them"

Lets not forget tentaculat its TFD equivalent

@JulianG ** had some great ideas back in Apocalypse too …**
*Too bad no high res gfx images, they were small, soo small … aliens

Full list is avail at Wiki page
Check HIGH THREAT aliens, great ideas there. To shorten this post I will just remind of mid threat POPPER class that was … a bit of Chryss continued


The Popper is a bomb with legs. The Popper is very agile and can move at an amazing pace across the battlefield. Its body heat causes it to leave wafts of smoke wherever it runs. Though they have no ranged attacks, they will explode when they are next to an X-COM agent.

The only way to defend against these enemies is to constantly be on alert, or to be flying well out of its reach. In Real Time combat, actively scanning the area with a motion scanner for rapid moving blips can save many lives.

Poppers will also explode when killed by solid round projectiles, explosions or from blood loss. They will not explode from energy weapons or gas.

There are “Alien eggs” and it might be a bit better for our CHRISS to plant various aliens in us, not only lay its own egg.

> Chrysalis

The chrysalis is the final stage of the multiworm life cycle, and serves as a universal egg of sorts that turns into any one of the aliens you will face. It is completely defenceless. Serving as ideal targets for shooting practice, they pose no threat and are automatically recovered the end of a mission.

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I am taking on this @Lemdoran post

Yep the sounds are a good indicator in firaXcom, i won’t call it best solution but i’ll probably prefer this than a fleeing ennemy (less loot) or a berserker (actualy a berserk can be extremly cool if it’s related to ennemy type, but i’ll be sad to see every single ennemy type trying to rush me in despair suicide mission x) )
in https://forums.snapshotgames.com/t/lost-enemies-can-be-hard-to-find/553/20

Keep the solving of lost enemy there, BERSERKER was one of few FXcom concepts I actually liked. But would not limit it to muton class enemy, let say under certain conditions all aliens should be able to have adrenaline rash, colour change, new berserk yell and a charge >:-)

Wont promote FXcom much, small pic to remind claws and colour can be added to any alien :sunny:


(We can all go Berserk)

Concept art by Piero McGowan

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Well yep i guess it’s possible everyone can go berserk but i remember of a phoenix point (now gone?) ennemy type that used to be spawned by the queen in prebuild 1, they’re basicaly trashy small insectoids you can crush with a footstep. I don’t know how much PP will go on smalls ennemy like this but some berserker bugs that are smallest than my left boots sound strange :’)

But yep, this i like ther berserk thing to in general, as it both same time, can add a little risk and danger when you’ll think “the mission is succesfull” and then bam, a sneaky shot on your technician repair arm or right in your heavy guy jetpack xD

Regardless of what dev choose i just hope this end the current hide and seek to be honest haha

I don’t think it’s as bad to somehow promot firaxcom either as the game have bring some fresh air to old xcom style, everything isn’t perfect (far from it) but must say they bringed cool new elements and ideas that i won’t mind see in PP :stuck_out_tongue:

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… and then bam, a sneaky shot on your technician repair arm or right in your heavy guy jetpack xD

In my BB3+ nightmare, last alien, almost last HP or bleeding … as usual, we dissmis him, and then bam he charges in berserk mode with some temp adrealine / virus rushed new ability and few HPs set on limited time.

but must say they bringed cool new elements and ideas that i won’t mind see in PP :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking me away storyline, Cydonia, air battle tactics, bases, certain alien missions, some races, large squads … was very nasty. In my eyes oversimplified HD reboot with nice touch. I would prefered if reboot was done in “Wonderboy 3” manner where game would remain the same. Class system was expected and nice, meld is bullshit in game and nice thing for mutations (but here we dont need it hehe) etc.

I would love them if they really improved the game more then visually and adding some new enemies. But hey, that is why PP exists and has following.

What I can recommend to Fxcom players are mods of LONG WAR That is far nearer Xcom. Free enemy movement for example, not discovering packs with immidiate move. That was mambo jumbo and less effort.

Someone else did their math. I see these days modders introduced stormtroopers :smile: to Xcom2.

Well in my eyes this (PP) will be “Xcom2”.

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Yep agreed. I have a (probably) different discoveryng order than most people here as i played xenonauts then old xcoms then Ennemy within and finaly xcom 2. I must say xenonauts is a far better “spiritual successor” to old xcoms than EW / xcom2. A lot of retired content, but in the same time the simplified gameplay and fresh visual style is a good thing cause it bringed some new public to a relatively unknown genre.

Long war was one of my most used mods too, it add so much stuff and gameplay value that it deserve to be a standalone game (well technicaly the long war team work on their game too now lol). I just regreted a little that it make the campain… longer, actualy. I’ll appreciate a basicaly same duration campain but with the added mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:

PhoenixPoint seem well engaged to just put everything else in grave considering what we can already see, the few sneak peek of the world map show a lot of old stuff that i’m glad to see, multiple bases, a lot more event etc. Can’t wait to put my hands on it :stuck_out_tongue: Well, i can, actualy, Snapshot can take two more years if thei’re pleased as long as they can do at least half my expectations haha

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The crabman with claws honestly looks very similar to classic Chryssies as it is. They just need ridiculous armour, twin claws, and the implant ability.

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They should then be dark and morre horrorfying. Somewhat darkness always reminded him to me more of a FLY (ah A1200HD, connected to PAL TV :slight_smile: not e.g. lobsterman / crab.

So if I would remagined him, I would pick ability to fly (but has to come down and lose move to impragnate) and when impregnated our soldiers look like … old horror thingie :slight_smile:

@Mechasaurian No, please do not add IMPREGNATE to crabmen … 7-8 of them on random map


Yes, I also interested in Long Wars team game, I am sure it will surpass Xcom 2. But I vote for @Julian . Altough I have skipped Chaos and REBELSTAR actual 8-bit firstborn (until recently) I did fell in love with Laser Squad first on 8-bits, and then on Amiga. And played it all, example Sabre Team AGA was Xcom inspired game. Or Gorky 17, that has been ported these days to AmigaOS4 and that was done by Polish hands. I preffered such strategy efforts more then “corpse feed” of PC remakes and reboots (be it all after TFD with exception of Apocalypse).Until this one.

A bit of respect for "original boys" even they were, ahm, shooting before most of “new” Fxis Xcom/Xcom2 players came to be.

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Same, that must sound too conservative but i consider the creator of a whole genre probably better suited for making one of the best even years after the first one haha.
Still, i’ll support the long war team too regardless of what their game can be just cause of the hard to comptabilise hours i played their mods xD

Well actualy steam does it for me… 1300+ hours of xcom 2 that i know for the fast majority is long war 2 xD


Same, that must sound too conservative but i consider the creator of a whole genre probably better suited for making one of the best …

True. Best thing I can say by playing Mythos games, Julian has kind of never let me down. Sid did since Civ 4 and on some other projects. Somethimes Sid was good, Alpha Centaury is example of 4x4 nice reboot as oposite.

Yeah, i have some massive hours alike on Xcom one, but they simply by that game, never earned trust for me to pay them for next game.

Now, enough of nice words and OT, go back to mutations. So I would love soldier mutate when impregnated gradually just like in old horror man has gone from human to a fly


Turn 1 - I am Ok
Turn 2 - I am 20% alienish and controllable
Turn 3 - I am 50% alien and unstable
Turn 4 - I am … flying :slight_smile:

I always hated in old and new Xcom that one or two Chriss could fast turn more of your soldiers, that would again turn more … and that is how one quickly loose. Unless granading its own corpses.

Plus, boy they used to mutate those civilians. If they keep doing so, please let them out of this game.

Considering a graduialy mutation is cool, especialy if thei’re a medium to “control” it somehow. For exemple, making some serum for curing a mutating soldier before the full transformation, keeping him alive and controlable but using a part of the alien DNA for, let’s say, having tiny wings in the case of mothman xD

yup greatest thing about PROLONGUED MUTATION would be that by some reasearch or ability or “medikit” you could stop and heal it. If we have that, then Criss keep running for those civilians … >:-) they wont get that dose unless crucial!

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yep, and sound more legit that just a “doom timer” where you know from the second a soldier is infected, he’ll die (or worse, turn ennemy).

Thei’re so much sea creatures that can turn in killing machines, imagine a sea urchin mutation that somehow roll to your soldiers and cripple them with spikes. Can be a “not so deadly” ennemy that incapacitate and make chaos in your lines, forcing the player to loose time healing, retreating etc.

And yes, i call a sea urchin a deadly machine, cause i steped on one few weeks ago, this things are came from hell to destroy us, i know it.

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Mutated HEDGEHOG? What old sonic guy would say!

Sea creatures should come way way later, in water missions. I hope for some Terror from deep comebacks

But, I have just reaslised LASER SQUAD has its own comic and has a lot of jokes.
And yes, our soldiers in PP remind me of Laser Squad members.

So please allow me one joke on unexpected enemy. What if TOILET MUTATED

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Yup, I think they demonstrated one of Queens abilities to spore little alliens.

Who knows what will happen in BB3+ when they think of some … mutation?

I believe they were ment to heal and do some other stuff, but …

i would actually be disappointed if thats all the aliens. they did reference that there will be land and sea animal mutant aliens. so i would love mutant penguins.

Those in BB2 are just the beginning. There is a separate thread on species so far “announced” and underwater missions are far far away in DLCs

I meant the alien arc types that have been revealed so far, if you look at the list there is only so far a maximum of 18 counting the concept art. i would like more than 18 arc types of aliens as Julian has stated that different alien creatures will appear in different areas, he even stated that the players might meet a mutated elephant.