The stuff of dreams

It ha been nice to read a Lore story of Phoenix Project investigating in my city, Naples!!

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Just don’t go to any cave nearby!

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:grin:Not, really

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Well, you can write one and post it here. :wink:

write what?

a lore story

Oh. Well Jonas Kyratzes wrote one about Naples. But of course @Cla666 can write another one.

I also could write few stories, but translating them to English would take some time :smiley: As you can see from my other posts I’m not good at English grammar and what to say about using fancy phrases - and google translator is not good for it. :wink:

It would be nice, i have an idea about but i’m not English too then dont know how it could be.

Well, you guys can always ask someone to be your editor to smooth-out the text. Or write in your own language with someone else doing the translation. Maybe someone on this forum can help with one or the other.

If I had enough time right now… unfortunately, studies, job and preparation for move and having a baby is little bit too much to grip. But who knows…

btw are there some rules we need to obey or follow?

Time, it’s the problem for me too. Dont know about rules or something else, for sure it’s easy to go out of borders in devs’ Lore Project. Dont even know if they would get angry about

mostly just don’t contradict what has been written, don’t use the established characters, don’t try to answer any questions raised by the lore.

That said there is going to be a writing competition so that should give us strict guidelines for future writing. Said competition will be happening Soon™

That’s also what I wanted to know as well. Even of not with the strict rules, some general rules would help to get the criative juices flowing

Best of luck with all of that. Sounds like a lot of major life changes coming up/under way. Having two little ones of my own now was a huge change for me in terms of, well, everything. On the plus side, it really forced me more into my single player turn based games, as I could stop them any time I needed to and resume them at an indeterminate later time, mostly remembering what I was doing… :slight_smile: