Whay not read thje short stories in-game?

I am almost at the end of my first campaign (I think) and only now I discovered the stories on the websites: now I finally understand what was that “project Vulture” that all those people in New Jericho was talking about!

I think it would have been way more cool to be able to read them in-game, like a “documents” section that get filled through the campaign, just my 2 cents.


You would think they’d have put that in the Lore Tab, huh?

That would come under the heading of ‘Helpful’ They don’t do ‘Helpful’

I guess this falls under Negativity Wins too. :roll_eyes:

Why play the game then, or even comment if you have no constructive suggestions?

Why ask this if your happy with the game? You should not care what others think. Maybe I have hit a sore spot, maybe you have nothing else to do, maybe your pet gerbil died and you feel the need to smack-talk. Whatever.

I agree 100%. Game world lore should be contained within the game, not spread across musltiple other media. It’s fine to have spin off stories or even whole novels outside games, but they should not be relevant to the game itself. At no point should someone be wondering WTF who is this guy/project/event, just because they haven’t read any other media.

If you WANT to use something from a side story in-game, it needs to be given a proper integration and introduction. AKA: What bioware did with Kai Leng in mass effect? Don’t do that.

TL;DR: Game lore needs to be entirely self contained within the game. If that means some extra work copying stuff from other media into the game, so be it.

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You ask … Because you the player, might see room for improvement, and offer suggestions in that vein. :wink: However, if you are that shallow, to take out personal grief on random people … Well I can’t really say what I want to about that, because the Holy Spirit and Forum Rules say no. :frowning:

You really should stop stalking people. Your going to get a rep, the sort of rep you don’t want.

Have you noticed at all how I never attack anyone unless they first attack me. That’s what being mature means. Try it. It may improve your depressive nature.

Those could be a nice unlockable in-game. That said, I don’t think I want to read a short story through a computer screen.

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Oh please do tell and show whom and where I stalk people?

My depressive Nature? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Kid, you are so full of negativity, that you might want to look in the mirror and repeat that line.

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