The one year edition era: Impressions/suggestions

First off, thank you Snapshot for continuing to update and provide us with content and improvements. Also great to finally play P.Point on steam :slight_smile:

Okay, the good stuff:

The game is running better than ever, still, some hick-ups but the experience continues to improve.
I am loving the new combat shields that were added, have a taste of your own medicine crab-men!
The new tutorial missions are fun, have personality and good for newcomers.
New tweaks to UI are appreciated and the time saving resulting are great.

The bad stuff:

In terms of core gameplay, there’s not much to complain about so well done. The only minor gripe is
Not being able to just transfer soldiers/vehicles between bases is irritating. Having to manually juggle spaces/slots with your aircraft feels overly time-consuming.

Perhaps just have an ‘arrival/transfer time’ mechanic?

APC and Mutog still feel underwhelming.

The only truly disappointing experience was several mechanics within the LOTA DLC. I have tried to get into it and enjoy it but always lose interest with it before I ever get/make any of the new gear-

Actually getting anything useful from it is a massive pain and I feel needs to reworked/streamlined significantly:

After having done what I worked out to be over 10 separate steps (research/building rooms/missions etc) just to get my hands on the ability to even make just one weapon which, from what I have seen to be an upgraded Anu hammer, feels too much to justify the effort.

Love the cut scenes, enjoyed the missions, but please drop the need to have a team+Ship present at the sites to harvest the exotic materials OR needing to periodically defend the sites. After everything else, this feels like a step too far.

Overall still find myself wanting more P.Point and look forward to the next update!


Fully agreed, this needs to be simplified. I would like to see Ancients as separate race, with some related research and more appearing. Kind of potential there is wasted also (couple of new enemy units)

If you look closely, ancient weapons are great. They do not just add badly needed additional damage and shock-pierce, they are like living weapons - unlimited ammo, enabling soldiers to carry more of other stuff. Too bad they are too hard to reach.