The brownest, dullest game ever

I am not a backer but have been following the game since the start. I have invested several thousand combined hours into into 90s Xcom and Firaxis Xcoms. I love the complexity and the systems I’ve seen so far from PP. What I’m less expired about is the graphics. I know Snapshot is a much smaller operation than Firaxis/2k and that strategy games don’t have to look like the latest FPS to be great, but still… I was hoping for and expecting better. Specifically, the game world I’ve seen in BB4 videos is brown, still and lifeless to the point of absurdity. Run a screen cap through a color palette generator and it jumps out at you. A million shades of mud. There is no vibrancy whatsoever and the world is eerily still, almost motionless. I get that gritty post -apocalyptic is th e intent, but I hope they breath at least a little bit of color and soul into the world before launch.



Maybe when you watch it on a video it become such colorless and dull, but when you actually play it colors are not so in the foreground. You focus on strategy and available options not the color palette. I didn’t noticed that one color scheme, but maybe if someone is making mostly scavenge missions then it may look like that.

I’ll have to agree on this one. By now my feeling is that the awesome work being done by the art department is not being currectly put to the 3D engine. But I have faith :slight_smile:

It is very brown.

It’s not just the colour palette used for the backgrounds either, the palette used for the creatures your fighting against is also very similar, to which everything blends in against the back ground. I’m spotting enemy creatures because of the LoS indicators, not because I can actually spot them on the map.