The Beach House feels like a Phoenix Point Prequel - Worth Checking Out

So, in case you missed it, we’ve seen a resurgence of decent Lovecraftian horror films. Mandy. Color Out of Space. The Void, The Lighthouse, Cold Skin and now The Beach House.

Highly recommend checking it out. Watching it, I was reminded of the P.P. short story “Oysters.” Feels like a film adaptation of that story.

Not to spoil anything, but the slow burn starts to pay off half-way into the film and the rest of the ride is a crazy trip.

I literally was driven to play more P.P. after watching this. Started a new game. It truly really feels like a prequel… No spoilers, but darn good.

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Thanks. I love lovecraftian movies and there has been a surprisingly small amount of good stuff in the last few years. I will check it out.