Tech Obsolescence and Factions

I have not yet played BB3 so I’m not speaking from experience with that.
I want to know what plans there are for balancing technology obsolescence and make some suggestions.
I am presuming that every faction improves their technology overtime, but some will fall behind for whatever reason. Certain fairly “primitive” technologies, I think should never become “obsolete.”

My reasoning here is partly based on my research at Uni, but probably more so from thinking it through.
In WW2, it’s exaggerated how weapons, vehicles, and equipment, became ‘obsolete.’ this is true, but most tech remained useful even if it’s utility was not as good by the end of the war. For example, the majority of armored vehicles could be disabled by molotov cocktails and flamethrowers. It’s not just a meme. Tanks could have their wiring damaged, engines overheated, and crews wounded by hitting them with enough fire (literal fire) based weapons.
What I’m getting at is that flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, and especially fire weapons using napalm, should remain useful throughout the game, as other than thick, specialized carapace, fire is good for killing biological enemies, and in addition, burning up mutant flesh and bio material can help reduce the spread of infection. The same could be said about chemical based weapons, whether they be acid, or extreme alkaline like some kind of super bleach. This is ofc dangerous to humans as well, but since humans are (usually I think) using synthetic armors and protection equipment, they would be not be disproportionately effected like pandora virus enemies.

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There will be fire and acid based weapons. You can try to search weapon concept arts in google.