Teach you how to make a Khorne Berzerker

You need:

  1. A level 7 Berserker / assault.

  2. A priest / assault with acceleration skills.

  3. A mechanic / assault with armored skills.

  4. A hammer.

What you need to do:

  1. The priest turns on the acceleration buff, and the mechanic adds armor to the Berserker.

  2. Attack the Berserker and keep his life below 10%. (blood for the blood God!!!)

  3. Berserker turns on the serial killing skill, and then turns on the adrenaline skill.

  4. Now, the Khorne Berzerker is born! One can attack four times in a row, kill once, recover 2AP, move a long distance, armor up to 60, immune to mind control!

PS: it’s better to bring shotgun :slight_smile:

PPS: priests and mechanics can restore Berserker’s AP.

PPPS:Why is there no Tomahawk or better melee weapon in this game :frowning:

You can kill all regular monsters in the first round

I used Berserker to destroy all enemies in the first round… Including 5 armored vehicles and a large number of infantry

If you don’t weaken the crazy warrior, this game is a little too simple

When you say “commando” you mean “assault” right?

Just fyi, PS stands for Post Scriptum. So you’d extend it with more “Posts”, so PS, PPS, PPPS, etc.

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Occupation:berserker blend assault infantry

thanks,i use translation software,lt doesn’t look good