Synedrions liking their fresh air and exercise

I was recently at Synedrion base for a defence mission there and couldn’t help notice some interesting architectural layouts. With one particular building the only way to get to the uppermost level of three was to climb up the ladders on the outside. Now I only noticed this because there were two sirens on the roof and I would prefer to go up on the inside without them noticing my soldiers.

But since my main focus while playing is generally about reducing the Pandoran population I haven’t had a chance make a study yet. But one would expect some stairs or ladders inside. I recognise that most maps are procedurally generated, so it could be a one off, but now I’m asking myself little questions.

Is this a deliberate design of this faction?

Do they love their fresh air being outside?

I don’t recall but perhaps it is due to the settlement’s location in warm climate.

I shall be taking closer attention to these small details from now on. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed some similar patterns?

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In older BB versions, these Building still hasen’t a ladder outside, sometimes… :crazy_face: :rofl:

I think they had no time to change the layout, there are other priorities.