Symes Journal missing?

One of the early missions is to “Obtain Symes’ Journal”. Killed all the bad guys, went to their corpses, circled the entire map, stood next to anything that looked vaguely like a container – nada. No grenades used; certainly no message that the journal was destroyed. Perhaps I’m just being thick, but running around for many turns to find something isn’t ideal.

It’s on the top floor of his mansion. There’s a handy lit-up square to stand on.

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This issue for me as well. There is not lit-up square upstairs.

edit - there is a third floor I didn’t realize. found the square

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The square, does not glow all the time, first time I look up on the 3rd floor no glow, second time yes. So I think you have to kill all enemy’s first.

also, you need to stand on the square and use the ability that appears on the action bar

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