Syclla Harvest Returns 0 Mutagen

With the last patch, harvesting a Syclla returns zero mutagen. Now the only reason to paralyze/capture a Scylla is for the initial vivisection.

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Actually I don’t think it gives any for anything? I noticed this yesterday I was testing it out did the entire map with paralyze and the mutagen only went up by about 10? Not sure if it does that automatically or not anyway but I also had a Scylla in the mix and I was wondering how much it would give and apparently ZERO seems to be the count?

I saw it in previous patch as well.

Great, the biggest cow of mutagen, and one gets nothing… :frowning_face:


On top of that, Captured Pandorans Panel design is messy.

Sometimes I forget about “Harvest” mutagens button, and I click on “Kill button” removing and losing Pandorans.

It would be easier this way:

Just one button next to the Pandoran description:

-If you have researched/obtained harvesting tech, just clicking will harvest mutagens

-If you don’t then it will remove the Panda, you lose it

Me too, I F12’d it months ago. In my experience (I’ve noticed it at least twice) it only ever affects one Scylla per campaign.

During my current campaign it’s happened twice.

But there is also tech to make tasty bacon from them.

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Dang that’s rough. It may very well have for me too, but I only noticed it on one Scylla in each campaign.

Just for the record, the bug is still with us. Random Scyllla returning 0 mutagen.