Surround sound? Atmos?


Will the game include surround sound? Dolby Atmos? (I haven’t tried the backer build yet, I don’t want to spoil anything before it is released).

It’s always fun when something plays from the ceiling speakers, but I suspect stereo only since the game is to be released on Mac and Linux too. Linux sound system is not very good I hear, and who knows about Mac.

It would be great if “headphone virtual surround” would be included. An “in-engine” solution is always better than having to use an external program (like “Dolby Headphone” etc.).

A very good example for excellent in-game virtual headphone surround is the new Resident Evil 7…

I imagine the game will probably have sound options and the like for surround sound when it’s fully released. No idea what sort of compatibility. Though I am no sound designer, so I don’t know really what the drawbacks/difficulties would be with implementing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: the backer build is designed to be spoiler free, as you play random scenarios with no backstory or progression just to test the mechanics, (depends on what you deem a spoiler)