Suggestions for visuals and sounds

Hi devs, first of all, i like PP, at the release, 6/10… Now, 8/10… And i would like 9! :wink:
It miss some things, from my point of view… It would be nice :

1: …to have more voices, because only 6 males and 6 females… It’s difficult to become attached to our characters if some have the same voices. ^^
2:…to have an OPTION, to visually take off the helmet, on the battlefield, to see the head of our characters.
3:…to have more different heads to help us to be more attached to our characters.
4:…to have more visuals effects, in OPTION (like the one you made for the details of weapons), for those who have better configs of computers, like the blood of the dead creature stays on the ground, the impacts of the stray bullets on the structures, the pieces of glass or walls (etc) destroyed must stay on the ground, etc… to a better immersion! (look for example, the mod “impact fx” for Xcom2)

I wish you a very good release on steam for the 3rd of december! :slight_smile:


Oh! I forget! An OPTION “ironman mode”! (yes, everyone can make his own iroman in non reloading a previous save, if things have turned bad, but you know as the human is weak, sometimes… :slight_smile: )


I give my suggestions as i become more familiar with PP… It really miss more little animations, on the battlefield, like detritus/garbage which roll on the ground with the wind… rats, cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, etc… to make the game more alive!
Edit: i’m a very big fan of the “F…CK YOOUU!” from the pandorans! :sunglasses: :clap:

The gingle/little music, at the end of a mission, is, IMO, not adapted to a game wich is to be meant to be “serious” and realistic, it’s like in a game for child on a nintendo console…
(Most of the music of the game are really great and serious/deep/heavy like it must be.)