Can You Add Combat Music

Can you add combat music to the game please because it would be more immersive than just ambient music and sound effects?


Yup it’s very dull right now.


The soundscape of the game is incredibly flat right now, and I can only deal with the same ambient background noise track playing for so long before I mute it.
It doesn’t need to be bombastic and overstated like in Firaxis’ version of XCOM, but we could seriously do with some variety.

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Agreed. I like the part when the music sounds like it’s about to go off when the enemies are getting closer to your soldiers, but then it just stops when its back to your turn. Your right that it doesn’t has to be overdone like XCOM, but Pandoran and the three factions should have at least theme songs and combat music around those themes. But overall, it gets boring without combat music.

I turn off the game music and “Hey Google: Play Autechre” - there are quite a few tracks that work very well for me.

I agree.
Below is the link to a related topic created by me.

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Nice. The Fallout 4 soundtrack is also nice fit. Inon Zur is the artist.

Excellent idea, I’ll give FA4 tracks a try as well!

130% agree with this. We could use some music, and maybe a bit more variety in troop dialogue during battle. Something, anything to liven up the combat just a little bit. Right now it feels way too much like you’re just playing a tabletop war game.

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I’m completely agree! There definitely needs some conversation during combat because its not immersive enough and I’m getting a vibe that they are robots and not actually soldiers. We could even get more alien speaking in a language or something. A prime example would be a soldier insulting the Disciples while shooting at them or something like that/

Exactly how i was feeling the other day while playing

There is indeed combat action music in X-COM : Apocalypse

And it was a bad idea that spoiled climate of horror.
Just a good, dark music in the background. As in classic UFO/XCOM. Nothing more is needed.

I like the drone tracks we have now. +1 for more variety though, wouldn’t hurt to have some different moods in there. Also, anyone else notice the jungle biome makes dripping sound effects like nests lol?