Suggestion - Taking items from base stores during base defense

I would love to see us have the ability to take items from a base’s stores while a base defense is going on. If the rockets and ammo clips and grenades and rifles are already there, then picking them up should be easy. Going to the armory wing of the base would be one way to do this, but you might also have “weapon lockers” scattered around that allow soldiers to take needed ammo and grenades and such from almost anywhere in the base.

If you do make lockers, then to prevent them being destroyed or used as cover, have them hidden deep in the walls and come out on rails when a soldier activates a button. This essentially makes an ammo crate to take stuff from.



Nice idea, but I wouldn’t scatter items through whole base. Maybe some magazine can be ocasionally in other room, but who keeps grenades or rocket launcher or even single rockets outside of storage? :slightly_smiling_face: Storage space would be enough.

I would not hide them, but instead make them really durable (like 3 armor and 30 HP on each) in that storage space.

I remember thinking something like back in BB1/BB2,there were some armours guarded in one of Fort Freiheit’s warehouses: “Now, wouldn’t it be cool if we could just get these armours for ourselves?!”

Didn’t original xcom have this huge pile of your equipment when in base defence missions?
And there was another pile in your transport vehicle.