Suggestion for Weapon Destroyed Problem

Like others, I’m annoyed by the ease with which weapons are destroyed by explosives. I think I have an easy fix: weapon disabled. The item remains in inventory but cannot be equipped. When you return to base to rest and heal, disabled weapons get kicked into the manufacturing queue for repair.


For some partial cost of course. :wink:

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+1 to this. It isn’t so much the strategic impact of having to replace the weapon (which is harsh, but acceptable - just), it’s the idea that on some missions, on your first turn, it just isn’t possible to split your crew up satisfactorily, and remain in cover. All it takes is a couple of mortar Chirons, and it’s entirely possible that no one is left with a primary weapon. This has happened to me several times.

This scenario itself could be addressed by not spawning Chirons (or at least mortar ones) until at least turn 2, but overall, the problem still applies. The ‘weapon disabled’ idea is a good one, but to add to this, what about something similar to the original X-Coms, where the drop ship has its own storage?

You wouldn’t need to show the ship on the tactical map, but there could be a starting zone to which soldiers could return to replace broken/disabled weapons?

Better still, a research upgrade (possibly faction based) that allows you to armour plate your weapons, mitgating, or completely eradicating this risk?