[Suggestion] Fire discipline - speed up the aiming system

There has been complains and wishes for the return of hit chance in % form.

Some player feels that the free aiming system is punishing for those who wants % by wasting their time to go in free aim to have a better judge at the hit chance %.

In my opinion, free aim is a very nice system but a lot of player feels like it is a chore to use it to get the absolute best shot for EVERY shot. This was my original thought too, but the more I play the more I realized it isn’t the case.

To me, free aiming SHOULD be :

  1. aim at a direction where you cannot see but sure someone is there
  2. destroy obstacle in the direct line of fire
  3. roll a better chance for your missing shot still hit somewhere of the enemy you aim at

Free aim should NOT be:

  1. use to check the hit chance %
  2. use it as standard shot for every shot
  3. slow down game pace

The current standard shot always aim for the center mass of the enemy, my suggestion is to incorporate some RTS system like formation but in the form of fire discipline.

With this system, I feel like the complain will be lessen as player do not feel like they have to min-max every shot manually also gives it a natural feel that the leader/commander/player is giving command for where they should aim. This is a system I suggest that it will be implement along with the free aiming system for all soldiers.

This system will have a few buttons in the UI so that each solider can be on a different disciple and can be change on the fly. Each solider will always try to aim for the discipline they were told which include one of these criteria while doing standard shot:

  1. Highest hit chance - the soldier will aim where it will most likely hit enemy with some shot (ie. a spot where the enemy cover the majority of the free aim circle)
  2. Highest possible damage - the solider will aim at where the enemy will take most damage (ie. body part that can take the most damage that may or may not be disabled)
  3. Highest disable chance - the solider will aim at where it is most likely to disable a body part (ie. body part that can take the most damage that isn’t disabled)

I absolutely love how the free aiming system works at the moment. Just having those two circles is such an elegant and clever solution for PPs simulation like ballistics system.

I use it for almost every shot: for checking hit chances, get a feeling for the terrain and obstacles and to avoid friendly fire. For me its one of the most outstanding features of PP! If a developer reads this: Please keep it the way it is!

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I really like this idea. Hit chance/max damage/crippling wound is a good set of “attack types”. Implementation-wise this might not be an easy thing to do but I guess it can work if attack priorities would be manually assigned to all mutant body parts in the game with game engine only having to calculate the expected to-hit chances based on visibility.

While I do love the Free Aiming system, as I’ve stated in another thread, it feels way too powerful as it is now.
Your ideas however are really good, I like them. With every bodypart having different health and armour values, weapons having different damage, armour penetration and armour shredding, calculating the “best” shot is hard, if not impossible for the AI. But using different precepts, depending on what the player actually wants, is a rather elegant solution. And if they’re moddable, even better, because I doubt the developers could include all the different options players could want.
However, I also think that free aiming should not be available for all soldiers, but should rather be tied to a weapon or skill. Having the bulk of the soldier using the precepts, while e.g. the snipers can target freely, would imo be even more preferably. Right now, it’s simply too easy to disable certain bodyparts on enemies.

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I’d like to see some kind of option to toggle a highlight for what is potentially blocking my path and what is just simple art textures. The reason to make it toggable is for when we get adjusted enough to recognize it.