Haven Defense Against Forsaken - They Just Leave the Map

I have just done 2 back-to-back haven defense missions where the Forsaken that are on the map just walk off the map at the start. 1 mission had 3 forsaken at the start and 2 just walked off the map. This left only 1 enemy to take out and end the mission.

Were they unarmed? I’ve not played post-DLC and patch yet so I don’t know if they have the chance to spawn w/o a means of attack.

I’ve seen Tritons do this in the early game when they spawn with mist arms and no gun. Not sure if this in itself is a bug or not but it’s lame if it’s a feature lol.

Nope, they were armed. They show up on the edge of the map. But instead of moving into the field of battle, they turn tail and run off the map.

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I’ve seen the Forsaken leave the map if you destroy the guns they are holding.

Those that I am talking about are fresh Forsaken units and they leave the map on their first turn.

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